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Creative Marketing Strategist - Social Change Influencer

Author - Founder of Real Estate for Good

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“The world does not need more marketers; it needs people who can solve problems and implement intelligent solutions that see everyone wins.”

The Ultimate On-boarding Experience

If you are a Director and looking to grow your team, you have found the right place.

Julia Dyer is here to help you support new agents by offering an effective 21-Day Kickstart Prospecting Training Program. This turn key approach, will see ‘star quality’ agents get off to a flying start, enhance team culture and allow you to get back to working on your business.


Complete with templates, scripts and accountability coaching.
**Also Perfect for PAs.

Click below to request your complimentary strategy meeting and learn more about Julia’s unique 5-Star Approach to Prospecting, and complete action plan.

Support ‘Rising Star’Agents & Enhance

Team Culture


Helping change consumer perceptions.

Delivering ‘feel good’ marketing strategies.

Online Training Courses

A Complete 21-Day Introductory Prospecting Training Course.

Design and Print

Accountability Coaching

Complete with templates, scripts, marketing collateral and activity sheets.

One on one coaching and support to ensure the ultimate success.


Discover more about my Sale Agent Support Roadmap
and find out I can help build a more sustainable business from the ground up.



Catherine Buchan

“ I have been working with Julia for the last 18 months and found her to be highly professional. She is forthcoming with her ideas, has an intuitive design sense and takes a holistic view of all my projects. Trusting Julia with my marketing campaigns, I know I am obtaining intelligent, creative solutions every time.”

Julia Dyer


Creative Marketing Strategist
- Social Change Influencer

Author - Founder of Real Estate
for Good


Industry experts, collectively giving-back, and helping to
create social change.

“Don’t be different just to be different, be different, to be better.”

With over a decade of experience and working with Industry experts, I have found the facts on how much money is spent on marketing and gift giving to be astounding. I have also been incredibly impressed by how much money is being contributed on a local and global level every day.


In response, I have felt inspired to create the REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD Initiative, to make it easy for anyone in business to improve brand perception through social change marketing and leave a lasting impression.


If you would like to learn how to better incorporate your social contribution within your marketing plan. Contact me to learn how you can become a life member, today OR visit realestateforgood.com.au


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