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Leading-edge brand design
and proven prospecting plans
to help real estate agency principals increase their bottom line.

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Organized Desk


Increase your opportunity to find new leads and sell more homes

“Julia’s relational marketing strategies have been incredibly effective. She is highly attentive, supportive and has so many brilliant ideas.
I would recommend Julia to anyone who is wanting a fresh

approach to prospecting.”




No matter what business you are in, you are in the business of sales and marketing, and it is my role is to help you excel. Whether you need to develop a new brand, rebrand, increase referrals or lead generate, you have come to the right place.


Not only will you find efficient and effective prospecting solutions, but you will also experience an exceptional level of skill and care. You will discover inspiring ideas that are relevant for today and you will feel great about the message you share.


Growing your business starts with growing your team. It also means taking time to support them, so they have the opportunity to thrive.

Even though you have good intentions, keeping track is a big ask. It’s not that you don’t care. You simply do not have the time.

That’s where I come in.

My easy-to-follow proven prospecting training programs come complete with design, artwork, weekly schedules, and accountability sessions.


You can relax, knowing your investment is worthwhile and your team is receiving everything they need to make their mark and increase your bottom line.

Online Training Courses

Offering signature courses to help agents in each stage of their career.

Design and Print

Accountability Coaching

Complete with templates, scripts, marketing collateral and activity sheets.

One-on-one coaching and support to ensure the ultimate success.



We have been working with Julia now for a couple of years and she has recently introduced us to her new training program: Kickstart Prospecting Plan. 

For myself, being a working Principal, I have found it hard to train and mentor new staff members.


We found Julia's new prospecting plan effective because it took me out of the equation, and as well as making the person accountable, Julia was also sharing many prospecting ideas.


We all know if an agent can prospect well, then they will certainly succeed in real estate and this is why we had no hesitation in enrolling a staff member in this program and we will be enrolling another staff member later in the year. 

This program is an excellent solution for newcomers as well as those who need help to get that fire back in their belly.


Our staff member Mel found the course very encouraging, and the weekly webinars were great. We believe this course is a no-brainer, it's extremely good value and can literally be all a person needs to succeed in real estate. 



Julia is amazing at what she does I absolutely loved the training and gained so much. Her kind gentle nature shines through and her follow-up even after the training is very much appreciated and encouraging because you are continuing on the journey. Julia is a STAR!


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“Don’t be different to be different, be different to be better.”

Hi! I’m Julia.


Lead Designer. Creative Marketing Strategist. Trainer. Accountability Coach. Author. REINZ Course Writer. Founder of the Real Estate for Good Initiative.

I am here to deliver effective prospecting programs for Boutique Real Estate Agency Principals looking to support their teams and grow their business while creating a positive impact.

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Positive Prospecting

7 Steps to attract new enquiry and become the agent of choice more often.

If you are looking for a better way to connect with potential clients and become the agent of choice more often, this book is for you. Packed with unique prospecting tips and a clear overview of real estate marketing, you will feel inspired to lead the way.

Purchase your copy, today.

“Positive Prospecting sets a new standard as a working guide. It is not just a book, it's full of practical learnings including the 5-Star Prospecting Plan to not just get you on course, but to keep you on course. Julia gives her all in this book, you just have to take the time to apply her knowledge to create the future you deserve.”



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