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Prospecting Plan

Easy-to-implement prospecting strategies with LIVE accountability sessions.

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An effective 8-week prospecting plan to help better utilise
your team and increase your bottom line.

Complete with artwork, scripts, print, weekly schedule
and accountability plan.

Are you looking to support your team and increase your ROI?

If you do not have the time to train your team members and support them through the prospecting process, this is the plan for you. Sign up your ‘star’ team member and leave the rest to me.

More about the plan

The Kickstart Prospecting Plan is based on the most proven method of marketing and will see your agents gain clarity and confidence around real estate marketing for today.
They will be given strict instruction, and guidance so they can form healthy habits and stay on track. Results will naturally follow.
Complete with training and accountability sessions to ensure a smooth process and successful outcome.
Who is this for?
This program is for boutique agency Principals who are ready to:
* Support their agents
* Get back their time
* Grow their team
* Attract new leads 
* Educate and inspire
* Improve their on-boarding process
*  Enhance team culture


* 5-star approach to real estate marketing
* How to prepare for prospecting
* How to form habits and stay organised
* Prospecting tips and tricks
2 x 1.5 hour training sessions
* Artwork and design
(DLs x 2 kinds plus Postcard)
* 3 x Content Booklets
* links
* Letter pocket envelopes x 300
* Scripts and Dialogues
* Weekly schedule

Invest in the Kickstart Plan and support your team to help you grow your business.

While their motivation is high, help them gain traction, build confidence and given them
the best chance to succeed.

Connect with me for a 20 minute strategy zoom

to learn more.


David Rogers, Director

Julia really made getting our business up and running easy. Professional, and good at her job, and willing to give that little bit extra. Julia was full of great relevant real estate and marketing advice and knowledge.  


Sam Hartrick, Director

“Julia has been a huge support since the launch of my business and has provided creative marketing ideas and campaigns to grow my profile and generate leads.” 


Carolle Saville, Director

“Julia's ideas are always creative and different! She listens to what we want and need and is our ‘go to’ for much of our marketing throughout the year.” 

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