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Julia Dyer,
Creative Marketing Strategist

Social Change Influencer. Author. Thought Leader. Accountability Coach.

Julia Dyer loves to connect with people, and loves helping people connect. Intuitive and compassionate, Julia runs her business in a holistic manner staying true to herself and adhering to a win/win philosophy in all endeavours. She knows an altruistic approach to marketing is not about profit loss, it is about profit gain.


Julia is leading the way in helping others to build a more meaningful business, and will reshape your thinking when it comes to goal setting, relationship building and  networking and your sales pipeline.

Julia has a Bachelor in Graphic Design and has spent most of her career working as a freelance Creative at renowned advertising agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi and Mojo and smaller boutique agencies.


As well as implementing ideas for big brands, Julia has been helping small business owners with marketing solutions for over 25 years.


Her career in real estate marketing began over a decade ago when she was looking to purchase a property after selling her home. Fortunately, she had contacted the right agent who patiently showed her through many properties and was willing to help in a genuine manner.


As a sign of appreciation, Julia offered to design this agent some direct mail flyers which led to an introduction with the Directors of a fast-evolving Real Estate Group and gave her an opportunity to learn about the industry from within.


The more she learned about the industry by attending training sessions, meetings and seminars, the better her solutions became. The more she learned about the way consumers felt about agents, the more passionate she became about trying to bridge the gap and provide a better way for agents to connect. 


“Over a decade ago, it was not hard to produce new ideas and marketing material that stood out from the crowd. If you can remember as well as I can, most agents were designing, printing and cutting their own flyers to distribute. It was not a good look.’


Julia has noted that everything about marketing today has changed, and she can see it is on the cusp of changing again.


“Even though there is now a high-quality of marketing and a better brand image, we are heading into a time where marketing is more than just about looking good. A more meaningful approach to marketing is required because it is not longer about the products we sell, it is about the stories we tell.”


An advocate for inspiring social change initiatives, Julia is now moving forward with a unique approach to marketing that will help her clients not only connect more effectively with their audience but will also ensure they feel great about the message they share. 


If you are looking for a new look, new ideas or a new approach to prospecting, connect with Julia today.

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