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Julia Dyer. Creative Marketing Strategist.

Lead Designer. Creative Marketing Strategist. Trainer.
Author. REINZ Course Writer. 

With a background in graphic design and marketing and over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Julia offers a unique approach to prospecting to help agents attract and connect with potential clients more authentically.

Over this time, Julia has held roles such as a brand ambassador, the head of marketing, and a senior designer for boutique agencies and larger franchise groups.

Julia is also a renowned thought leader, highly skilled in her craft, and committed to seeing every job through. Her tasks range from developing strategies and advising on outdoor signage, to marketing collateral such as newsletters through to direct mail marketing. 
Her program of choice is the online platform, which allows a flexible and collaborative working relationship with her clients.

Julia has accomplished significant projects for corporate brands as well as renowned entrepreneurs to develop and promote their meaningful work.

Driven by the concept of ‘marketing for good’, Julia is intent on making marketing matter. She is here to help educate and inspire industry leaders to take a more purposeful approach to marketing and help create positive change in the process.

Julia has aligned with many inspiring initiatives, including Thankyou, Backpack Bed for Homeless, and The Good Box, just to name a few.

If you are looking to enhance your brand or grow your business, connect with Julia today.

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Just to name a few:

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