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VIP Referral
Rewards Program

Easy-to-implement prospecting strategies with LIVE accountability sessions.

An effective client nurturing program to help you increase referrals and repeat business

Complete with dialogue, email scripts, artwork, print and weekly schedule.

Do you feel as though you are missing referral opportunities daily, simply because you are not utilising your database or maintaining client relationships? 

Even though you know it makes sense to do this, you are caught up managing current clients and your team. There is simply not enough time in the day. If you have worked hard to build your business, now is the time to stop searching for new clients, and to put an effective client nurturing plan in place.

More about the program

This VIP Referral Rewards training program is based on the most successful marketing practices today. It incorporates all of the core values that good brands share.
It takes the passive activity of calling clients to stay in touch, into an active phase of asking for business... in the right way.
Phone scripts and emails have been carefully crafted to make this activity purposeful and profitable for your business.

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Who is this for?
This program is for boutique agency Principals who are ready to:
* Reconnect with past clients
* Enhance their brand story
*Build a community of avid referrers
* Make generosity their new growth strategy
* Set and meet new business goals
* Stick to a ‘DOABLE’ schedule; and
*  Implement a long-term strategy


* How to have a meaningful conversation with clients, and reconnect
* How to turn a passive activity into an active profitable activity
* How to nurture top referrers
* How to schedule social media posts in next to no time

* Instructional 7-step Guide
* All artwork and print
* Scripts and Dialogues
* Weekly schedule
* 5 Star Social Media Planning
* Optional Accountability Zooms
* Designed & Printed DLs - 300gsm (Quote on required qty)

Set up this invaluable business activity now, and make this fantastic client nurturing
program lead you into a newfound freedom.

What are you waiting for?


David Rogers, Director

Julia really made getting our business up and running easy. Professional, and good at her job, and willing to give that little bit extra. Julia was full of great relevant real estate and marketing advice and knowledge.  


Sam Hartrick, Director

“Julia has been a huge support since the launch of my business and has provided creative marketing ideas and campaigns to grow my profile and generate leads.” 


Carolle Saville, Director

“Julia's ideas are always creative and different! She listens to what we want and need and is our ‘go to’ for much of our marketing throughout the year.” 

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