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Letter Pocket

A unique prospecting tool to
help you generate new appraisals and meet more people at open homes.

A Unique Prospecting Tool

• Improve brand perception (100% recyclable)
• Cost less than a stamp, but feel just as personal
• Create a strong point of difference
•  Increase open home attendees; meet more neighbours
• Increase appraisal requests
• Protect your letters
• Help you feel good about the message you share


“Hey Julia, these are AMAZING! Joel thinks they could be our new favourite marketing tool!”
Tash Potter - PA to Joel Hood - Joel Hood Property - the Eview Group

“This marketing tool has been ideal. They are eye-catching, and make my letterbox drops look that bit smarter, helping me gain more attention from the competition.” 
Sarah Ward, One Agency JD Property Agents

CASE STUDY: One agent sent 200 letter pocket envelopes, inviting neighbours to an open (with no internet listing) 15 groups came through - there were 3 offers and the home was sold that evening. The agent also had 3 new appraisals.

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