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7 reasons why helping Buyers is one of the the best ways to grow your business

If you had to rate yourself, as an agent, on how you well you treated Buyers, how would you fare?

Did you know as many as 68% of buyers stated agents had little or no interest in helping Buyer find a suitable property and only 9% of Buyers claim the honesty and trustworthiness of agents?

This information has been taken from the recent Core Logic Report on the Perceptions of Agents from Buyers - by Kylie Davis.

My career in real estate marketing began because, as a Buyer, I was really impressed with the way an agent tried to help me find a home to purchase. I was so impressed, not only did I design him flyers to help him attract new business, I also ended up referring 3 friends to him that were selling in the following year.

There is so much opportunity to get more business if you do look after buyers and it also looks extremely good from a sellers perspective.

Here are 7 reasons you should focus your attention on buyers to grow your business.

  • Every single interaction with every single person is integral to your reputation. You are prospecting 24/7.

  • You should be in this business to help people, selling homes is a by-product. If you run your business by only thinking ‘what’s in it for me’, you will miss opportunities to grow on a personal and professional level.

  • If you help someone unconditionally and they benefit, they will naturally go out of their way to help you in the future. An amazing testimonial from them may help you win your next listing.

  • Buyers are ultimately sellers. If you maintain the relationship you have developed by helping your buyers find a home, you will be on their list when it comes time for them to sell.

  • Sellers expect to be treated well, buyers are often surprised when you go out of your way. They are easier to please and will be more grateful in the end if they find a home they love and you have helped them.

  • Buyers will refer you to friends and family and this may lead to a new client.

  • If your buyers trust you, they will more likely engage in negotiations positively.

If an agent down the road has the perfect property for your Buyer, you should guide them that way. The buyer will appreciate your help and if you do the right thing, it will always lead to a great result, for everyone involved.

Every single positive action or interaction will bring another and if you take your focus away from yourself and help others you will see the benefit. Times are changing and collectively, all agents need to band together to help change consumer perceptions. If you can shift the way you think, you will begin to see change.

Julia Dyer is passionate about helping change consumer perceptions within the real estate industry. If you would like to join her Positive Prospecting Facebook Group - with handy tips, tricks, and resources, please click here.

If you are looking for new ideas and would like to save time and money on print, connect with Julia at today. You will find concepts that include attracting Buyers as well as Sellers that will help you become the agent of choice more often

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