Training Programs

5-Star Introduction to Real Estate Marketing


This course offers a complete overview on real estate marketing, tips on how to increase productivity and a complete personal profile and preparation plan.
Gain clarity, understand the big picture, and feel inspired to go
all the way.


- Planning and Preparation
 - Knowing your Numbers

- Mindset Matters

- Overview on Real Estate Marketing

Suitable for PAs, Sales Assistants and Agents new to the industry.

*workbook and activity sheets included

5-Star 21-Day Kickstart Prospecting Plan


This strategic plan has been based on the most proven methods of marketing to help you form habits, increase your opportunity to meet people and be invited in to appraise homes.


Accountability sheets and support material provided.


- Lead Sources

- 21-Day Plan Schedule

- Additional Add-on Activities
 - The Art of Connection

Suitable for PAs, Sales Assistants and Agents new to the industry. or established Agents who are relaunching in a new area.

*personalising templates included

* print material excluded

5-Star 6-month Personalised Prospecting Plan


This course has been based
on building relationships, and assets within your business.

You will discover 6 unique campaigns. One to roll out each month with set activities to choose. This also includes training and templates. 


- Proactive Vs Reactive Marketing

- Building Partnerships
- Building Assets

- The Campaign Trail

Suitable for established Sales Agents and Principals.

*personalising templates included

* print material excluded

Sometimes, it’s just easier to connect through zoom.
I offer an informal 30-minute meeting, to see if we are a good fit to work together.
This is not a training session per se, it is a time for us to meet, for you to ask any questions you may have about me or my training and for us to get to know each other. ​
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