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Nature; a powerful prospecting tool

We all underestimate the power of nature and how healing it can be.

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful home gardens, parks and beaches in Australia and while the months are still warm, it is a great idea to make the most of some outdoor time.

Spending time in nature will:

• help you balance your digital engagement and the business of running from one appointment to the next.

• help you restore your own energy more easily and quickly. By simply taking a few moments to sit in a local park on the way to an appointment will work wonders.

• help relieve stress and clear your mind. It will ultimately increase your chance of achieving all that you need to in each given day.

Here are 3 great ways to make the most of nature while prospecting.

1. Hold your next open home conversations outside where possible.

If you are selling a home with a stunning or well cared for garden, it would be a great idea to engage with people outdoors. It is much more relaxed to be chatting to people in nature than in a kitchen or living room and there are often less distractions if other people are around.

If a conversation begins indoors, you can politely ask to continue the conversation outdoors.

2. Spend time admiring the garden at your next appraisal.

Your potential clients may take extreme pride in their gardens and noting this will mean a great deal. Even go far as to say that their garden will be a great selling point. Ask about the history of the plants in more established gardens, some may have significant meaning. You may hear some great stories, and this is a great way to create a very strong connection and it holds true, the agent with the deepest connection, in most cases, wins.

2. Gift the buyer of the next home you sell with a potted plant.

Create a plant from a cutting in your own garden. This personal touch will ensure they think of you when they tend to that plant. A succulent would be a good choice. You want to select a plant that will be able to survive tough conditions or will be alive for sometime to come.

We often think the amount of money we spend equates to the value of your appreciation which is often far from true. If you have a great relationship with your purchasers, this gesture will be more appreciated because it is personal.

Think about how if felt when you received a gift that was hand-made just for you.

If you do not have a green thumb a terrarium is a great option. Terrariums are easier to grow and they come in different sizes. Some of the classic plants for terrarium include ferns, mosses, succulents, and cacti.

Anyone can buy a gift voucher. Try and make your marketing more relational than a gift card. Although this is a convenient option, it can often just feel like a transaction.


Nature is one thing that connects us all and if you can tap into it as an energy source and tool to help you relate to others then use it freely. It has a universal message and it can bring a sense of calm. What are you waiting for, it is free and beautiful.

Julia Dyer is passionate about changing perceptions and bridging the gap between agents and consumers. She is the owner and founder of the Real Estate For Good Initiative, helping industry experts gift and market more consciously to help create social change.

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