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Grow your business with 5 giving strategies that work

How do you choose to give back? Is it working for you? Does it have an impact on your bottom line?

Giving back does not always have to be about giving away what you earn, it is also about being generous with your time and sharing information. The ‘connection’ economy relies on generosity, a way to create trust, which is a key factor in growing a sustainable business.

So, what exactly is generosity? You can interpret the word generosity in many ways, but in short, generosity is seen and felt when someone acts with the right intent. When you give in this way, with no hidden agenda, you naturally create connections and build relationships, which will lead to the growth of your business.

You may very well have noticed that social change marketing is now becoming the norm. Influential leaders from both small and large corporations are instigating inspiring initiatives or choosing to contribute to a wider cause because they know it is not about profit loss; it is about profit gain.

Over the past decade, I have been incredibly impressed by the enormous amount of give back within the real estate industry on a local and global level. It is not unusual for an agent to be seen volunteering, sponsoring and donating as they go about their business. Many brands are now sharing social change stories online.

For example:

“We believe it is our responsibility to work together to make a difference in our community. We are committed to supporting the causes that affect the communities around us. Each office contributes to their community via charity, event, and club sponsorships.”

The following 5 giving strategies will share how you can grow your business by being more conscious in your daily business operations so you can have a greater impact on all.

Recommend others

How often do you give referrals? The next time you receive or witness a great act of service in your role, take the time to offer a review without being asked. This gesture should only take a few minutes of your time and will uplift the business owner and help them remember you in the future. This may be where your next referral comes from.

Help to promote local events

The best way to be seen as a local is to know what is going on and help promote events. You do not have to be directly involved, as long as the event aligns with your values. The local farmers market is always good to share as well as council initiatives and grants. People will notice, and this will enhance your online presence.

Gift a Thankyou Handwash

The next time you appraise a home, why not gift a Thankyou Co. Handwash. 100% of the profit will go to helping improve sanitisation in 3rd world countries. Your gift will be well received and remain in the home for a few months and will remind potential clients of you. This kind gesture will help share your core values and build trust. You will begin to convert more often.

Inspire your team

As a leader of today, can you set give back goals? You may like to arrange a team-building day that will create positive change. You could arrange to plant trees on National Tree Day or send your team to volunteer at the local homeless shelter. Have a team meeting and brainstorm for the best ideas rather than only give one option. This suggestion is a great way to enhance team culture and increase productivity and performance while giving back.

Align with an inspiring cause

Why not support subscribe to Will & Able (New Zealand), a social enterprise who provide over 200 jobs for people with a mental disability by simply choosing eco-friendly office products. This is not only a great way to be socially responsible, they have an awesome story to share and help promote. Why not gift a box of products every time you list and sell, to show you truly care.

For example, if you chose to gift a ‘Backpack Bed’ from Backpack Bed for Homeless on behalf of your vendors every time you sold a property; you would help provide shelter to someone doing it tough on the streets. You would also be enhancing your brand story by aligning with a cause and bring more meaning into your work.

As you can see, there are many ways you can bring social change marketing into your business to help you better connect and make a positive difference in the process. The next step is to learn how you can indicate that you choose to give back in your marketing collateral to become the agent of choice more often.

Please feel free to learn more at and connect with Julia today.

This article is written by Julia Dyer, Creative Marketing Strategist, Social Change Influencer, Positive Prospecting Trainer, and founder of the Real Estate for Good Initiative. Visit to learn more about her unique prospecting programs today.

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