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Forgotten Lead Sources; where is your next lead coming from?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

If you are in real estate, this can be one of the most frequent thoughts that comes to mind, where is my next listing coming from?

If you have been in real estate for some time, it is easy to forget how you started out - you would have had boundless energy and there would have been no stone left unturned.

Over time, you may have let your prospecting activities slide, which is completely understandable. You may have become time poor, because you have been caught up in other areas of your business, or your enthusiasm may have waned.

Now is the time check your get back on track. Check the below lead source list and tick the boxes to make sure you are exhausting every avenue to give yourself the best opportunity to list and sell more homes.

In this article, I would like to share a short lead source shopping list with activities you may have forgotten. I am sure this will refresh your memory or, if you are an agent just starting out, give you the ammunition to go full steam ahead.

Your lead source shopping list:

1. Vendor referral sites Even though a vendor referral lead may not be ideal, and you will be giving away around 20%

of your commission, an easy listing is a good listing, especially for your confidence. See the

contribution as your marketing cost, and remember one sale always leads to another.

2. Vendor Advocates Do you know the vendor advocates in your area? If they are good at what they do, they will

assess your specialty and match you to the right seller. Again, you will have to pay for this kind of

listing; however, one lead will also lead to another, which can be a great way to gain momentum.

3. Expired Listings In the current property market, homes are not moving as quickly as they did in recent years.

Vendors are still awaiting that perfect price, based on an appraisal held months ago or the

previous year. Keep your eye out for any expired listings, and gently approach.

4. For Sale By Owner You will often see a property listed by the owner show up. These vendors may not realise

how difficult it can be to sell until they walk the path for a few weeks. How good are they at

negotiating? That should be the main question.

5. Leased Properties There is nothing worse than a call that says one of your leased properties is begin sold by another agency. If you have not approached all of your landlords personally, to check where they are at, now is a good time. Offer them an appraisal and promise little disruption to the tenants. If they are looking to sell in the future, you do not want them to be approached by another agency.

6. Neighbours Over the next year, you can bet 2-5 properties around your home will come on the market.

Have you approached your neighbours and introduced yourself? Do they know you sell real

estate? If you do not like the thought of driving past other agent's signboards in your area

every morning, make every effort to meet your neighbours. What can you share they will keep?

A shopping list notepad? Have fun with this one.

7. Third party suppliers If you have not built a list of partnerships with local service providers, now is the time to begin.

The last thing you want is your client's sourcing suppliers themselves. The more service you can

provide, the better. Ensure all of your relationships are mutually beneficial.

Have any of these activities prompted you to act? Will you be adding some new tasks to your to do list?

You may like to DOWNLOAD this shopping list to keep at hand... with an ADDITIONAL 4 GAME-CHANGING LEAD SOURCES that will really help your business grow. These additional avenues will take your business to the next level, next year.... and will not take up your time.

Please feel free to request access to my Positive Prospecting Facebook Group here, where we share helpful ideas, tips and strategies to help you increase engagement and inspire you along the way.

Julia Dyer, creative marketing strategist, and social change influencer is here to help ‘star quality’ real estate agents prospect more effectively so they can list and sell more homes. She is the author of Positive Prospecting - 7 steps to attract new enquiry and become the agent of choice more often.

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