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An Explosive Sale

Ash Marton - Ash Marton Real Estate

Telling, Telling Told

I am not sure about you, but I LOVE a good story.


And it just so happens, I have heard more than a few in working alongside industry experts, and I am sure you have got more than a few to tell. 

Recently, I have noticed many popular publications being released that help share stories, true stories... and most are entertaining, and in some cases enlightening.

We also all learn through stories, and become more compassionate, for ourselves and with others. We become more connected when a story is shared, and we become remembered for stories we share.

If you are a Real Estate Director, I would love to help you share one of your most remembers story, in a sophisticated publication, that will present as a gift.

What kind of story can I share?

Transcribing your Story

Simply make a time to call, and I will record your story as you share, and transcribe it for proofing!  This simple process will only take 20 minutes of your time. 


Telling, Telling... TOLD

The good, the bad and the ugly real [estate] stories, shared by industry experts, Australia Wide

An Explosive Sale

Ash Marton - Ash Marton Real Estate

Director, Corporate Athlete and personal growth enthusiast

This story is not one I do want to forget because it really changed the way I think about things.

I was called to carry out a valuation in Karingal and the reason I had been called, I was told, was because the vendor was dying of cancer. He was selling because he wanted to live out the next six months of his life in peace and requested that everything in the house was to be sold with the property. 

So, I went out and gave him my valuation and he asked me to get $280,000 for it, he needed it sold in one week. So we priced it at $280,000 plus and had our first open. We had five offers in and it successfully sold for $307,000. The vendor was happy with the result and again, he reiterated, that everything in the house as seen in the inspection, came with the purchase.

So, the house had been sold quite quickly and it did not take long to go unconditional. A month or so went by and the final inspection took place. At this inspection the owners went back through the property a little more thoroughly and they found quite a few unusual and illegal items including a crossbows and a some tazers, however the most concerning of the items they came across were old sticks of explosive gelignite. 

So this guy, I forgot to mention earlier, was an archaeologist and that is how he must have ended up with the explosives, it wasn’t for any other purpose. So, the bomb squad were immediately called in and after a thorough inspection, they found 56 sticks of gelignite in the house. To give you some 

perspective, in the Russell Street bombings, I believe, 6 sticks of gelignite went off. You may remember the damage that was caused back then.

The long and short of it was that the police were called and the owner of the house was arrested. Not surprisingly, it turns out he wasn’t dying. He had the gelignite there for over twenty years and knew that there was no way he could legally dispose of them. He then proceeded to explain to the police that he had informed me there was gelignite throughout the property, which he certainly did not, and so I ended up in a four hour interview at the Frankston Police Station explaining otherwise.

The vendor ended up with a jail sentence and I believe this man is still in jail. I bumped into the owner of the house quite recently and she told me this was the case. After the event, we spoke to the bomb expert who said the explosives would have caused a massive amount of damage if they had gone off. The entire street of that court and the neighbouring houses would have been wiped out and lives would have been lost. Apparently the gelignite was so volatile, that if we had knocked the box off the shelf, or similar, that would have been enough to set them off. 

In that moment, I realised how close to death I had come. 

About Ash Marton

Ash is a powerhouse of energy and positivity with a passion for life, health and fitness. Launching Ash Marton Realty with his business partner Lilly in early 2012 at the age of 22, Ash has been captivated by a desire to innovate the real estate world. Recognised by industry leaders as one of Australia’s most dynamic and forward thinking agents, Ash has featured as an industry expert on numerous tv programs including Sky News and Selling Houses Australia.

With a passion for building strong connections, Ash is closely aligned with key members of our community and is also an annual guest at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home in Los Angeles, supporting his annual charity event.

Understanding the importance of leading by example, Ash remains highly focused on listing and selling property, with a strong focus on achieving record results for his clients.

Having travelled extensively throughout South East Asia, the USA and South America, Ash has gained a wealth of experience in dealing with a diverse range of people from different ages and nationalities. He prides himself on establishing instant rapport with people and welcomes diversity, adding to the relatability he has to his clients. 

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