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If you are a real estate agent, and you are looking to refine your prospecting plan so you can list and sell more homes, this book is for you. 


Julia shares her positive take on prospecting with unique marketing techniques that will help you build trust more quickly with consumers and become the agent of choice more often. 


Her unique 5-Star Approach to Prospecting® will help you gain clarity and refine your prospecting plan, so you no longer miss opportunities or leave money on the table. 


Once you have implemented the 7 steps in the ATTRACT model, you will: 

• Be able to identify your current situation 

• Better understand today’s consumer 

• Build trust more quickly with potential clients 

• Improve your energy levels and enthusiasm 

• Prospect more effectively and efficiently 

• Introduce a more meaningful approach to marketing 

• Naturally, increase your revenue 


Tune in and enjoy the read, it will open your heart and mind, and you will not look back. 

Positive Prospecting Ebook

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