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Real [ Estate ] Stories 

Telling, telling... TOLD.

Telling, telling... TOLD.

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Do you have an engaging story to share? >>>

I am not sure about you, but I LOVE a good story.


And it just so happens, I have heard more than a few in working alongside industry experts, and I am sure you have got more than a few to tell. 

Recently, I have noticed many popular publications being released that help share stories, true stories... and most are entertaining, and in some cases enlightening.

We also all learn through stories, and become more compassionate, for ourselves and with others. We become more connected when a story is shared, and we become remembered for stories we share.

If you are a Real Estate Director, I would love to help you share one of your most remembers story, in a sophisticated publication, that will present as a gift.

What kind of story can I share?

Thought provoking topics


Most memorable Experience


An experience you would prefer to forget

Learning the hard way

Never say never

Unforgettable open home

Transcribing your Story

Simply make a time to call, and I will record your story as you share, and transcribe it for proofing!  This simple process will only take 20 minutes of your time. 

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Telling, Telling... TOLD.

Colourful real [estate] stories, shared by industry experts, Australia wide.

I am not sure about you, but I LOVE a good story, and I have many from Industry experts, over the years. This has prompted me to publish a book of short stories and bring the REAL back into real estate.

Telling, telling TOLD has been designed as an outlet for Real Estate Directors to share a remarkable story in order to create a deeper connection with those who choose to tune in. This book will allow the consumers to enjoy a light-hearted read and gain insight into the more human side of industry.


All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Kids Under Cover. Kids Under Cover is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness. We provide studio accommodation in family backyards and education scholarships.

Why share?

We all love to hear a great story, particularly if it evokes emotion and we can learn something along the way. We love to hear about unusual situations or circumstances and anything out of the ordinary.

How can a story enable you to create a deeper connection?

A story can allow you to narratively share your experiences in a way that will give others an insight into your personality, depth of character and ability to cope or respond in a situation that may prove to be challenging. When you share from your own past experience, you will most often be emotionally connected to your story and this will translate in your delivery.

Real estate is a people’s business and I am sure you have many stories you can share. It is time to come together, illustrate how colourful this world can really be and utilise this opportunity to share, get published, connect and maybe even inspire others around us.

What kind of story can I share?

To produce a quality publication we do have a few set rules, although stories of all kinds will be accepted.


NO big noting. No slagging. That is it.


The people that are in all of the stories will remain anonymous, so please use alias names.


Thought provoking topics


- Most memorable Experience


- An experience you would prefer to forget

- Learning the hard way

- Never say never

- Unforgettable open home

The process

If you are ready, willing and ale to share a story, the following information may help you submit your story in the best possible way. We will ensure the quality of the material is of a high standard and that sharing in the book is seen in  a positive light.

The following 5-step process is simple and will play out as follows.


STEP 1. Book in a call to share your story - Zoom or Phone

STEP 2. Story to then be transcribed (behind the scenes)

STEP 3. You will proof story, and submit amendments if needed

STEP 4. Approve final draft of Book

STEP 5. Get published

STEP 6. Connect through story

STEP 7. Order copies and distribute

The timeline

Applications open until October 31, 2020

- 20 Stories will be published

- $400 contribution for 20 books to be delivered to you.

- Quality: Hardback, gloss cover - colour internal pages

If your story is chosen to be published, it will feature in the first edition of Telling, telling, TOLD. This publication will be widely distributed among the real estate community and available for purchase in the public domain. It will be sold as an Ebook for a low cost and also be available for purchase in hard copy on amazon as well as the website.


Useful writing / telling TIPS

Before you submit your story, below is a small checklist to check you have really relayed your story in a remarkable manner. A good story can be great if we can tell it from the right place.


W – Who are you?  Include a brief introduction to your readers.


R – Reflect  - Share your story as though it happened yesterday, bring in the emotion that you felt at the time.


I – Imagine - How it could of transpired if circumstances were different.


T – Translate - Share the lesson you learned through experience. What did it teach you about yourself, the industry or others?

E – Effect - Note the effect the story had on you, emotionally.


Naturally you should relate all of the above aspects when story telling. These are just a small reminder and will certainly help enhance your story if you did not consider these points before hand.


We are looking to engage the reader on the highest level. If you can better understand how to do this effectively through story telling, you will be able to master the art of creating deeper connections.

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