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Enhancing team culture and consumer perceptions, one touch point at a time

There are many different ways to connect with the consumer on the journey to sale and how they feel when they come in contact with your brand at each stage will affect their end decision.

The online space is becoming more and more interactive and it it usually in this space where they will make a decision to buy a product or service, however there are many touch points along the way that will influence the consumer in their final decision.

It may be time to look at how you can improve touch points and ensure you and your brand are delivering consistently every step of the way.

Firstly, sit down as a team and understand all of your touch points. Are you all delivering the same message and do you have all the same values?

Do your ensure all of your agents all have the same standard or are they left to their own devices?

Your agents should be aware of the following:

Online appearance and profile: What is their profile image like and how up to date is their profile text? It is worth making sure you are happy with your team’s online presence.

If it is time for a new set of team photographs, hire a professional photographer as soon as you can. Not only will this exercise uplift your team, it will help your overall brand image on and offline.

Do you use videos, have engagement on various platforms in a social and professional level? Have some fun with trying out different ways of communicating your message online. Some people do prefer to watch, while others prefer to listen or read.

If your agents are volunteering anywhere or are connected to a fundraiser, insist they take a 2 minute video sharing the celebration or cause.

If you appear in a newspaper, take a photo of the article and post it online. Do not miss an opportunity to show your agents are out there, actively participating and your team is alive and kicking.

Your marketing material: is the message consistent? Does it reflect your brand and is it memorable? What do you do that sets you apart? Is it old and controlled by head office.

Ask your agents how they feel, their opinion matters. Address your concerns to head office if they are not happy with your selection of marketing material.

The phone call: How often do your agents answer their phone when it rings? From experience, I very rarely get through to agents and most often reach a recorded message.

Try to ensure your agents answer their phone if it is a new incoming call. It may appear they are too busy to manage a new client if their return call is delayed.

Ask them to record a new voice message each morning for a week. It should greet the caller with the name of the day and a mention of the weather if it is extreme. It should outline their day and if they are in a conference or have a day in meetings, ask them to alert their callers the break times or expected return call times.

This is an excellent habit to get into and will ensure the first touch point is as good as it can be if the call is not taken in person.

OFI’s: this maybe the first time your agents meet and greet people. Are they on time and presenting well? Why not surprise visit your agents on the job and give them some positive feedback. They will appreciate your effort. Across the board, all agents should hold the same quality of Open for Inspection.


There are many touch points, and it is extremely important to make sure you are leaving a lasting impression every step of the way. If you know one of your touch points is stronger than your competitors, try and make the most of that.

Strive for improving your systems and including your agents in the process. If they feel valued, they will not only work harder, they will lead other team members to do the same. If you can sharpen up your touch points, there will be every chance you can increase your business naturally. Those who has the most touch points often win.

Julia Dyer is passionate about changing perceptions and bridging the gap between agents and consumers. She is the owner and founder of the Real Estate For Good initiative, helping industry experts create positive change by gifting and marketing more consciously.

If you would like to join her Positive Prospecting facebook group, please click here.

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