WHAT IS the CHANGE | AGENT initiative?


The CHANGE | AGENT initiative is a collective platform to help encourage industry experts to spend more consciously when marketing and gift giving in order to create social change.


Perception-based marketing techniques can not only help you feel good about what you do, but they will also leave a great lasting impression and help you build deeper relationships with prospective clients.





Did you know that over $220,000 million dollars are spent in the real estate industry every year on gift giving in Australia alone? 


With over two decades of experience, working alongside corporate industry experts on a marketing level, I have found the facts on how much money is spent on marketing and gift giving to be astounding.


I have also been incredibly impressed by how much money is being contributed on a local and global level personally by agents, every day.


The CHANGE | AGENT platform will allow industry experts to share their own inspiring stories of social change and give back within the local community as well as feel encouraged to spend more consciously when it comes to gift giving and marketing.


This will not only help uplift agents, but it will also help improve consumer perceptions and shed a better light on the industry.  Collectively, the Real Estate Industry is already having an incredible impact on society, and now is the time to come together and share the story for the greater good.





Choosing to give-back can be incredibly powerful, not only on a personal level but also within your marketing and business model.


Introducing a give-back marketing campaign will help you align with a great cause and help you connect with potential clients and team members more authentically.

There are 3 steps to connect;


1. Choose your product or cause


Align with the right brand and cause so you know your contribution will reach the right people.


No matter what your budget is or who your client is, you will find an appropriate selection of goods you can either include in your gift hamper or gift separately.


Aligning with brands who produce high-quality products and have a great ethos will naturally help leave a great lasting impression. Your choice of product will share your core values and how you choose to allocate your marketing spend.


The brand Thankyou is a great example of this.



2. Understand the story


Understand the story behind the brand so you can share this story with others and influence change.


Through sharing your story and why you choose to give back, you can create a deeper connection with your clients and inspire them. They may ask how they can be more involved and purchase the products for themselves.


Simply share the link, everyone is welcome.


Stay tuned for the PERSONAL PROFILE PAGE - where you can share your personal story of local community contribution online.



3. Inform, inspire and connect.


Make your Cause a part of your marketing campaign and instantly improve consumer perceptions. You will also feel more positive about your marketing spend and meet your corporate social responsibilities at the same time.


There are many options available, depending on the time of year and your budget. ‚Äč