Marketing with Purpose; 3 Steps to Connect 

If you are looking to incorporate a social change initiative into your marketing plan, it all starts here.


1. Choose your Cause


Research and choose your cause. Consider aligning with a social change initiative related to your industry, for example, supporting people experiencing homelessness. If you have a team, listen to everyone’s ideas and set up a plan. You may like to support four different causes and promote a new cause each quarter.


2. Understand the story

Once you have chosen a cause, you need to understand the vision, mission, and goals. As well as helping your partners reach their goals, you can also set your own giveback goals. Once you have your story in place, you can share it through different marketing mediums.


3. inform, inspire and connect

Now it is time to inspire others and indicate you give back, so consumers seeking a responsible service can choose you. Become a reporter and a promoter, and bring awareness to your cause, then relax and allow your business to grow naturally.

3 steps to connect.png

“Make generosity part of your growth strategy.

Danielle Laporte