Positive Prospecting - Checklist
Assess your current prospecting plan, fill in the gaps and make the most of every opportunity

Prospecting is a multi-dimensional task that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. One day you may find yourself doing really well and the next you may fall in a heap. If you do not have systems in place or feel inspired, you will run out of steam, motivation and money.



We do not often stop and look at the reasons behind the problems we have. We are either too busy or we do not have a method for doing so or a checklist. I have purposefully designed this ebook to help you understand where you are currently at so that you can ultimately identify the problems you are facing and find the right solutions to help you move forward.



Work your way through and look for the opportunities you may be missing. They are now here. Dive out of your comfort zone, find the magic and feel inspired with the helpful tips you will discover along the way.Being successful is more than just improving your income. It is more than that. It is about solving problems, and being the best you can. 


Download your Positive Prospecting Checklist Ebook, Here.

Direct Mail Marketing - Done and Dusted
5 ways to find more ‘me time’ by organising your direct mail in bulk

If I could have counted the number of direct mail flyers I have produced for agents over the past decade, I think I would be as shocked as you. Designing flyers was how my career had started and they are still the most requested item on the marketing list for most agents.


At one point, I did not feel great supplying a marketing solution that only gave a 1 to 2% response rate, however, I have learned over the years that approximately only 3% of people are in the market to sell, and so the given response rate is not bad.


Being a part of the direct mail circuit is imperative if you do want to be seen as an active agent in your business development area. Even though your direct mail flyers may end up in the bin, you will gain exposure and your efforts will be noted.  Prospecting is really just a numbers game, the more you deliver, the more chance you will have of being invited in. It is all about being in the right hand on the right day.


My one recommendation with direct mail is to save time and money by ordering your brand marketing in bulk and even repeating some drops. The money you save can be spent on droppers or in other areas of your marketing.



Download your Direct Mail ebook, Here.

Event Marketing - Fill the Room
5 ways to help you increase leads and convert through events

Are you thinking of holding an event to attract new leads?


Over the past two years, together with Belinda Woolrych, expert speaker and Author of Rightsize Your home,  we have held over 15 Downsizing Masterclasses in Bayside Melbourne and the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We have helped over 450 people feel more confident and in control on their downsizing journey.  Through these events, I have gained insight into how this demographic think, feel and act.


Big events are exciting to promote, however the bigger the audience the less chance of conversion. If you have a smaller group, the presenter will build trust more quickly. The clients in the room will feel more connected and more likely to buy into the advice given and products offered.


Holding an event may sound simple however it can go terribly wrong. This little booklet has been designed to help you benefit from the event you are holding and ensure will give you a great return on investment and it will be a huge success.


Download your Event Marketing Tips Ebook, Here.