We are proud to be members of the Change | Agent Initiative, choosing to give back to help create social change.

What is the Change | Agent Initiative


This initiative has been set up to help encourage industry experts market and gift more consciously to help create social change. 


By choosing to be part of this Initiative, we are committing to continue to help make a positive difference within the community in which we live, as well as on a global level.



How do we choose to contribute?


Every time a client lists and sells with our brand, we choose to donate a Backpack Bed for the homeless and help another Australian in need. 


Our agents also choose to sponsor local schools, community groups and sporting venues as well as contribute to charities close to their heart.



Have you heard of Backpack Bed for Homeless?


Backpack Bed for Homeless is a national charity that provides life saving Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless people without shelter. A Backpack Bed is a lightweight single person emergency bed – a backpack that rolls out to an all-weather protected bed with built-in mattress.


This award-winning product will provide emergency relief and help
another Australian in need, and will be distributed by one of 600 partner homeless agencies across Australia.


If you would like to learn more about this cause or also donate, visit You can also connect with us on facebook to follow our story and share with your network.


Together we can all help make an incredible difference.



Gift Giving & Social Change


Did you know over 220 million dollars is spent on gift giving alone, within the real estate industry?


As part of the Change | Agent Initiative, we also choose a more conscious approach to gift giving by aligning with brands like Thank you Co. 


In this way, we will see others benefit from the transactions we make as well as help you feel part of helping to create social change.